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Jean M Gardiner: A Retrospective is nearly at an end! Come and visit, quick!

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It's been a very busy but fantastic few weeks. After months of organising, the exhibition was finally upon us, and thanks to a lot of help and hard work from our friends it was all hung and ready to go in time for the Private View on Thursday 7th September 2017. Here are just a few of the lovely team who helped us out, with the artist herself third from the left.

Some of the team that helped us hang the exhibition

The Private View was a great success and attended by about 100 people (including the lovely ladies below). There was music from the wonderful jazz pianist Joe Bickerstaff. The wine did flow (thanks to Sue manning the bar) and a thoroughly good time was had by all. You can watch a video of the evening here.


Lovely Ladies at the Private View of Jean M Gardiner: A Retrospective


Since then we have had lots of visitors, (canine ones too, including the gorgeous Boyd top, below!) many old friends, some of whom we had not seen for a long time (see Denise McAlea,bottom, below) and some really great people we had never met before. It has been fascinating chatting to everyone, and really pleasing to hear all the positive remarks about the paintings and read the comments in the Visitors Book. We love all the staff at Lauderdale House too, who have made the last few weeks a delight. And we have sold a fair few paintings! 

Boyd one of the canine visitors to the exhibition

Jean M Gardiner & Denise McAlea

Sadly though all good things come to an end and our time at Lauderdale House is drawing to a close. There are only four days left to see the exhibition! Wednesday 27th September, Thursday 28th September, Friday 29th September and Monday 2nd October. The hours are 11 - 4pm except Thursday, when it opens at 11.30. Get yourselves to Lauderdale House tout suite! See you there.

Added Delicious Bonus! 

The Cafe is now run by Pink Food Ltd, the staff are warm, friendly and helpful and I can safely say the food and beverages are delicious. I'm obsessed with their savoury tarts, salads and cakes! The artist herself is rather obsessed with the sweet potato fries. We may have put on a few pounds since the exhibition began...


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